Wow today was so beautiful!

I was sitting outside on my porch and I was just thinking that God has created me and created the beautiful nature . I am so blessed to be able to see Gods beautiful creation.


Even when you don’t think God has a way. He dose !

So I was auditioning for a worship team thing and I didn’t know how is was going to go . So I was praying that God would have his way. My prayer was if you want me to go further in this position then open it but if you don’t then close the door.

I just wasn’t to encourage you to not give in to Satan he try’s to pull you down but don’t let him .

God bless!!!!!

Gods creation is so pretty!

We are driving home form a church event and I am looking at yellow and pinkish sky oh how pretty it is I love it when Gods creation is so calming and interesting and inspiring !!!!

I thought I would share a little bit of a blessing with you today !

God has it all

I am a junior in high school and I am very Busy person let me tell you how I get through it all . If you don’t won’t to here my heart then you don’t have to listen .

I am involved in d