God uses you in mighty ways !

I am going to encourage you with a story on how God can use you even when you don’t think he can !

So for the past 8 months God has put of my heart to start a Bible study in my work ! At first I was like God why me ? But then God remind me that ( you said you are willing to go and do whatever would enhance the kingdom ). So I prayed about it for whole and God open up the door for me to meet a friend who also wanted to start this Bible study as well ! So today November 12th was our first Bible study ! I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone for Jesus ! Trust me I really didn’t want to do the study but with God all things are possible! !

Have a blessed day !


I love this time of year !

I love falll!

One of my favorite things to do is just sit on my front porch and just take in all the beautiful creation God has given us. 

I just want to encourage you to get outside or look out a window and just thank God for his creation. Most of the time we take God’s creation for granite when some people don’t get to see his beautiful creation as much !

Have a blessed day !

Pray for our nation and our city’s !

I am posting this because their is a lot going on in our city’s and our nation . Stuff we may not notice what’s going on . I want to encourage you to start adding our nation and our city in your prayers. That God would do a revival through us . That we would see change in our city’s .

I pray that God would open your eyes up to his lost people . And give you opportunities to help them !

Thanks for tacking on the challenge ! Go let God use you in mighty ways !

God’s beautiful creation!

I love this time of year !

It’s so encouraging to see Gods beautiful creation and being able to enjoy it !

Personally I love to just sit on my front porch with a cup of coffee and dive into his word .

I want to encourage you to go enjoy God’s beautiful creation weather that might be tacking a walk or just sitting outside tacking it all in .

Genesis 1 :1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth !

I thought I would encourage you guys with that this week !

Have a blessed week !!!!

Wow today was so beautiful!

I was sitting outside on my porch and I was just thinking that God has created me and created the beautiful nature . I am so blessed to be able to see Gods beautiful creation.

Even when you don’t think God has a way. He dose !

So I was auditioning for a worship team thing and I didn’t know how is was going to go . So I was praying that God would have his way. My prayer was if you want me to go further in this position then open it but if you don’t then close the door.

I just wasn’t to encourage you to not give in to Satan he try’s to pull you down but don’t let him .

God bless!!!!!